Brew Loose-leaf Honeybush Tea

How to Brew Loose-leaf Honeybush Tea

Honeybush loose-leaf tea is brewed like many other herbal teas (including rooibos) and can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Because of this tea’s delicate sweet flavour, it’s unnecessary to add milk and sugar although a little bit of honey will complement the sweet, honey-like flavour of the herb. When brewing your loose-leaf tea you need to consider your tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. Here is a step-by-step guide how to prepare the perfect cup of honeybush –

Instruction Illustration

– Step 1

Heat fresh water to about 100 °C; be careful not to overboil.

– Step 2

Add 1 heaped teaspoon to a tea infuser and pour over 250ml hot water.

– Step 3

Let the honeybush tea steep for 5-7 minutes

Brewing tea is a very personal experience; don’t be scared to experiment with quantities and steeping times until you get the best result to suit your personal taste. If you prefer a stronger tea, just add more leaves to your infuser. Forgot that you were steeping a cup of tea and left it for too long? Don’t worry, just add a little bit of water and taste again. Otherwise, remember that you can re-steep loose-leaf tea which means that you get a second chance to prepare the perfect cuppa!

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